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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 1 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 8/23/07.


 Thursday, August 23:

No opening question



Friday, August 24:

What is it that scientists do? How do scientists go about generating new knowledge? How is this work of generating new knowledge in science similar or different than how a psychologist generates new knowledge?

(This is intended to be a single question with multiple parts. Discuss it as a single question.)



Monday, August 27:

Archaeologists use radioactive dating to find the age of cave paintings, such as those from Lascaux cave in France (Figure 1-9). Three different tests from the cave reveal the following ages of the painting:
30,940 years + or - 610 yrs

30,790 years + or - 600 yrs

30,230 years + or - 530 yrs

Does being uncertain of a measurement by 600 (or some) years mean the dating process is unreliable? Explain your answer.

(Key concepts from textbook: measurement, uncertainty, precision, accuracy)



 Tuesday, August 28:

An experiment is performed in a science class to investigate the effect of varying pressure upon the volume of a gas. A sample of air is placed in a syringe. Textbooks are placed on top of the syringe in an effort to vary the pressure upon the gas. Every time a new textbook is added, a new pressure and corresponding volume are measured.

Answer the following questions about this experiment.

  • Describe the purpose of this experiment in the form of a question?
  • What are the dependent and the independent variables?
  • Set up a graph which might be used to represent the data. Label the axes with the quantities being plotted?
  • Make up a sample conclusion for this experiment. (Remember: Conclusions relate to the purpose. They simply answer the question proposed in the purpose.)

(Key concepts from textbook: dependent variable, independent variable, graphing data)




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