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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 18 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 5/7/08.


Friday, May 9:

1. Suggest a one-word synonym for refraction.

2. Explain the reason why light undergoes refraction. 


Monday, May 12:

Arthur Podd's method of fishing involves spearing the fish while standing on the shore. The apparent location of a fish is shown in the diagram below. Because of the refraction of light, the observed location of the fish is different than its actual location. If Arthur is to successfully spear the fish, must he aim at, below, or above where the fish appears to be? __________ Explain.



Tuesday, May 13:

Consider the diagram at the right in answering the next three questions.

1. Light must travel __________ in medium 1 compared to medium 2.

a. slower

b. faster

c. insufficient info

2. Light must travel __________ in medium 2 compared to medium 3.

a. slower

b. faster

c. insufficient info

3. Rank the three materials according to their optical densities, from the least dense to the most dense.



Wednesday, May 14:

From the textbook: page 492, #11

A beam of light passes from water into polyethylene (n = 1.50). If the angle of incidence is 57.5 degrees, what is the angle of refraction in the polyethylene? Show your work.



Thursday, May 15:

The critical angle for an air (n=1.0) - lucite (n=1.4) boundary is approximately 46 degrees. Which of the following diagrams depict incident rays which would undergo total internal reflection (TIR) at the angle shown? Circle all that apply and explain your reasoning for those situations in which TIR does not occur.




Friday, May 16:

Diamonds are usually cut with a shape similar to that shown at the right. Kent Affordit is preparing to propose to Amanda Befrendswyth. In an effort to save money, Kent asked the jeweler to remove the bottom portion of the gem. Kent reasoned that since it was not visible, its removal would have little consequence to its ultimate appearance. Explain why Kent never did get engaged to Amanda. Finally, draw the path of the given incident ray in each diamond.



Monday, May 19:

Where in front of a converging lens must an object be placed in order for its image to be ...

a. ... located on the opposite side of the lens?

b. ... a virtual image?

c. ... inverted?

d. ... inverted and reduced in size?

e. ... the same size as the object?

f. ... non-existent?



Tuesday, May 20:

Construct ray diagrams for the following situations. Make and record some measurements and calculate the magnification values.




Thurday, May 22:

Wanda Rita Buke is having some eye difficulties. Images of nearby objects are forming behind the retina. What type of corrective lens should Wanda use in order to correct this vision problem? _____________________ Explain your answer.






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