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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 15 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 4/7/08.


Monday, March 31:

A sound wave pattern is shown below. The wavelength is closest to _____. (Use the cm-rule provided on the diagram.)



Tuesday, April 1:

The table at the right represents the deciBel level for several sound sources. Use the table to make comparisons of the intensities of the following sounds. The Smashin' Pumpkins concert is _____ times more intense than ... (Enter an integer rounded to the nearest whole number.)
a. ... the Battle of the Bands.

b. ... the average factory.

c. ... normal speech.

d. ... the GBS library.



Wednesday, April 2:

Define resonance and describe one example of resonance (classroom demonstration or other example)



Thursday, April 3:

What length must a closed-end air column be to produce a fundamental frequency of 256 Hz? Assume a speed of sound of 343 m/s.



Friday, April 4:

Diagram A shows the standing wave pattern created in open-end air column when it is vibrated at 360 Hz. Determine the vibrational frequency (in Hertz) which would be required of the same air column to produce the standing wave pattern shown in Diagram B.




Monday, April 7:

From textbook - page 419, #25

A violin sounds a note of F sharp, with a pitch of 370 Hz. What are the frequencies of the next three harmonics produced with this note? 



Tuesday, April 8:

Coming Soon



Wednesday, April 9:

From textbook - page 419, #27

Why do various instruments sound different even when they play the same note?



Thursday, BBB 10:

Coming soon.





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