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Chapter 18 Makeup Work


Missing a day of class due to an illness, a field trip, a sporting event or for any other reason does not earn you a 0 for that day. However, it also doesn't excuse you from work done on that day. Use the Schedules page to determine what you missed and then make up the appropriate work as shown below.

If you missed an opening question, find it on the Opening Question page and discuss it in your course notebook.

If you missed a lab, then come in immediately (within two days) to make it up.

If you missed a quiz or a test, then a makeup quiz or a test will be placed in the LAC within 2-3 days. It would be safe to touch base with your teacher to insure that it is indeed in the LAC.

If you missed a WebAssign deadline due to an illness, then contact Mr. H in person or by email within a day or two in order to be granted an extension. If you missed a WebAssign deadline for any other reason (than an illness), then you meed to immediately request an automatic extension using the feature on WebAssign. You receive two such extensions all year and you must request an extension within 8 hours of the deadline.


If you have had a prolonged absence due to illness, then you should contact your teacher about any exceptions to the above rules which might serve to lighten your load.





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