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This page last modified on 8/23/07.


About the Course 

Physics 163 is a first year high school physics course devoted to understanding the concepts and principles which underlie all physical phenomena. The course will cover such topics as the motion of objects, the nature of electricity, and the behavior of waves, sound, and light.

The goals are:

  • to expose you to concepts of physics which explain your world,
  • to train you to answer questions through experimental inquiry, and
  • to improve your critical and logical thinking skills.

The course is an activity-oriented course. You will be busy. When you are not busy doing, you will need to be busy listening. The amount of teacher talk will be small (hopefully). Much of classtime will be spent investigating how the small amount of teacher talk is applicable to explaining physical situations. You will make extensive use of a lab/class notebook to keep records of your learning.


About the Notebook 

You will have a dedicated notebook for this course. It will become a useful record which documents your learning. You will include the following in your notebook: lab results and conclusions, class notes, occasional reflections and summaries, textbook notes, solutions to problems covered in class, your responses to daily questions. The notebook is intended to be for you. It is your tool to help you learn, to think, to inquire. You will be allowed to use it on all quizzes.

The notebook should be organized. It will be handed in on a nearly weekly basis. Labs and other items (such as opening questions) will be graded. Stay current and be complete.



Every Physics 163 student will take two tests every quarter. Together, these tests will account for 30% of your quarter grade. In addition to tests, there will be quizzes (on a weekly basis), homework assignments (using Web Assign), and a notebook (which includes lab results, reflections, answers to opening questions, etc.).

Grades will be determined using a weighted grading system similar to the one shown below:

Tests (2/quarter) 30 %

Quizzes (~5/quarter) 25 %

Labs (~2/week) 20 %

Homework/Classwork/Notebook 25 %





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