Robolab; 3rd Challenge

The 30 degree Hill Climb carrying a 1 kg Mass.


The challenge is to build a vehicle that will deliver the greatest amount of power while carrying a load up an incline. The maximum level of work for the vehicle will also be tested. Power will be measured at 3 different angles: 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees.

Design Requirements:


Each team is allowed two separate runs at each different angle. Your best run will be used to determine power at each level.


Vehicles that successfully complete two or more runs will receive 50 points. In addition, the following place points will be awarded:
  • 1st place: 15 points
  • 2nd place: 10 points
  • 3rd place: 5 points



Lauren Hildebrand

Alexandra Thewis

2002-03; Mods 1-2

Peter Chang

Shawn Kuhns

2002-03; Mods 3-4

Paul Kuder

Don Tomita

2003-04; Mods 3-4

Sam Lee

Esther Song

2002-03; Mods 15-16

Joey Burgess

Scott Seidman


 Click on an image to view a movie of the vehicle climbing the 30 degree incline.

 Last altered on Oct. 15, 2003