Robolab; 4th Challenge

The Can Sweeper.


The challenge is to build a vehicle that will clear all 10 cans off of a circular platform in the shortest time possible.

Design Requirements:


Your score will be determined by the total number of cans pushed out of the circle. You will be given a 60 second time limit or until your vehicle leaves the circle. A completeed run is either a 60 second run or a run where all the cans are removed from the circle.


Vehicles that complete two runs (your vehicle is still on the board after 60 seconds) will receive 50 points. In addition, 5 points will be added for each can pushed out of the circle during your best run. If all cans are pushed out of the circle before the time limit is reached, a bonus award of one point per second will be awarded for each unused second.
Team Members
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2000 - 2001

Samir Patel

Michael Rudolphsen

2001 - 2002
Brian Blum

Andrew Deutsch


Mods 1-2

Melissa Kosobud

Mods 3-4

Craig Arnold

Eunice Park


Mods 15-16

Liz Kim

Hetal Patel


Period 3:

Tanner McGrath
Nick Vass

Period 7:

Anders Ahlberg
Mickey Garibaldi

Period 8:

Steve Dowd
Cedric Herman


 Last updated on Oct. 28, 2005