Robolab; 6th Challenge

Robot Wars.


The challenge is to build a vehicle that is designed and programmed to survive the challenge of head-to-head combat.

Design Requirements:

No restrictions is size, shape or power of your vehicle.


You will be in a double elimination competition with other vehicles to see whose vehicle is able to push the opponent out of the circle or disable the other vehicle. All vehicles will start from a common starting location within the circle. A vehicle is considered out of the circle if two or more wheels leave the edge of the circle or if any part of the vehicle remains out of the circle for 10 seconds. A vehicle is considered disabled if it does not move for 10 seconds or more. If the two vehicles lock up in a stalemate the match will be restarted.


This challenge will be scored as a 100 point assignment. You will receive 85 points for constructing and programming an operational vehicle. A competition score will be added to this. Your competition scored is determined by multiplying your net competition record by 5.
Team Members
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2000 - 2001


Adam Baxter

Natalie Bolano

2001 - 2002
Len Kendall

Alex Spector


Period 3

Anastas Harizanov
Paul Langill

Period 7

Mike Morgan
AJ Riddell

Period 8

Steve Dowd
Greg Giometti
Cedric Herman


Jason Nesbitt
John Timpe


Drew Gregory
Robert Kasper