Robolab; 2nd Challenge

The RCX Dragster unlimited


The challenge is to build a vehicle that will cover 10 meters on a horizontal surface in the lowest time.

Design Requirements:


Each team is allowed five separate runs down the track. The winning time is the fastest time to complete the course.


Vehicles that successfully complete two or more runs will receive 50 points. In addition, the following place points will be awarded:
  • 1st place: 15 points
  • 2nd place: 10 points
  • 3rd place: 5 points

Team Members
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2000 - 2001
Lauren Hildebrand

Alexandra Thewis

2001 - 2002
Runoff between Brian Blum & Andrew Deutsch on the left vs Anupam Bansal & Eugene Bord on the right.

2002 - 2003

Mods 1-2

Runoff between Peter Chang & Shawn Kuhns on the left vs Fred Chu & Mark Molena in the middle vs Zach Loew! & Ryan Baxter on the right.
2003 - 2004

Mods 3-4

Scott Cabay

Saagar Patel

2003 - 2004

Mods 15-16

Joey Burgess

Scott Seidman

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