Robolab; 1st Challenge Results

Team Designs 

Time for 3 meter race


Ryan Adair

Patrick Fitzpatrick

5.39 seconds
1st Place

Tim Slavin

Charley Cantwell

5.60 seconds

Tim Mead

Jessica Morris

5.51 seconds

Adam Baxter

Natalie Bolano

5.40 seconds
2nd Place

Adam Jaslikowski

Mike Kowal

5.78 seconds

Mike Rudolphsen

Samir Patel

5.73 seconds;
fastest trial of 2.48 seconds

Kevin Hoyland

John Zouras

5.95 seconds

Cameron Estey

Ying Lan

Jean Nam

5.53 seconds
3rd Place

Lauren Hildebrand

6.47 seconds


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Last altered on Sept. 11, 2000