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The Physics


1-D Kinematics

Newton's Laws

Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions

Momentum and Its Conservation

Work, Energy, and Power

Circular Motion and Planetary Motion

Static Electricity

Current Electricity


Sound Waves and Music

Light Waves and Color

Reflection and the Ray Model of Light

Refraction and the Ray Model of Light



Lesson 1: The Nature of a Wave

a. Waves and Wavelike Motion

b. What is a Wave?

c. Categories of Waves

Lesson 2: Properties of a Wave

a. The Anatomy of a Wave

b. Frequency and Period of a Wave

c. Energy Transport and the Amplitude of a Wave

d. The Speed of a Wave

e. The Wave Equation

Lesson 3: Behavior of Waves

a. Boundary Behavior

b. Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction

c. Interference of Waves

d. The Doppler Effect

Lesson 4: Standing Waves

a. Traveling Waves vs. Standing Waves

b. Formation of Standing Waves

c. Nodes and Anti-nodes

d. Harmonics and Patterns

e. Mathematics of Standing Waves



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