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The Physics


1-D Kinematics

Newton's Laws

Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions

Momentum and Its Conservation

Work, Energy, and Power

Circular Motion and Planetary Motion

Static Electricity

Current Electricity


Sound Waves and Music

Light Waves and Color

Reflection and the Ray Model of Light

Refraction and the Ray Model of Light



Lesson 1: Vectors - Fundamentals and Operations

a. Vectors and Direction

b. Vector Addition

c. Resultants

d. Vector Components

e. Vector Resolution

f. Relative Velocity and Riverboat Problems

g. Independence of Perpendicular Components of Motion


Lesson 2: Projectile Motion

a. What is a Projectile?

b. Characteristics of a Projectile's Trajectory

c. Describing Projectiles with Numbers

d. Initial Velocity Components

e. Horizontally Launched Projectiles - Problem-Solving

f. Non-Horizontally Launched Projectiles - Problem-Solving


Lesson 3 : Forces in Two Dimensions

a. Addition of Forces

b. Resolution of Forces

c. Equilibrium and Statics

d. Net Force Problems Revisited

e. Inclined Planes




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